Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Basking in the Sun

Well, the sun just somehow lifts one's spirits, doesn't it?

Sunday and Monday were quiet days, enjoying the sun, though Roarke had to work :0(

On Tuesday Samuel had his first lesson for his Sailing Level 1. This really is such a huge deal. This is the child that, just under three years ago, came out of school traumatised, depressed, scared of being around other children, with no confidence and low self esteem.

On top of that, he has his Aspergers with all that means in terms of socialising, and visualising something that he has never done before.

So I am immensely proud of him that he undertook to take - and finish - this course. Roarke went with him, and Samuel enjoyed it, despite being in the only boat that capsized! Again, what a tribute to him (and Roarke's "reframing" of the situation with him on the way home) that he handled that happening without a meltdown, and just about keeping a grip on his confidence.

Go Samuel! Home ed wins again!

Today I was due to attend some Government showcase event, connected to the Children's Plan (ha ha) but decided that actually, listening to a load of PR from them, didn't come as high up on my list of priorities as being with the family, having fun, and earning some money!

So this morning Roarke and I both worked on our various income streams. We then packed up a picnic and went to High Elms, where we met up with our friend Grace and her three boys.

Roarke cycled there (about 3 miles or so) as part of his training regime for the triathlon.

We had our food, the boys climbed trees, some football was played. Then we went for a short walk around the walled garden, learning about bees, watching pond skaters, guessing which animal had nibbled the nuts from the tell tale signs left on the shells, talking about apple trees, discussing copicing, and trying to find the illusive zebra spiders (I offered a pound to the child that could find one, but fortunately my money was safe!)

All lovely, lovely afternoon.

Back home, Samuel did a level on his Maths Upgrade, and they are now all back out in the garden.

Jonathan improves on his walking day by day, and continues to eat almost anything except food!

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Wobblymoo said...

Good on you on taking some time to yourselves