Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hot Weekend

Friday managed to start off even busier than Thursday!

In the morning I got up and did the breakfast routine, fed Jonathan, then drove Joshua over to Danson Park for his level 2 sailing course. Then I drove back, past home, and onto the supermarket to do the weekly shop. Then back home, unload the shopping, fed Jonathan again, then back off to Danson to collect Joshua.

Home, a late lunch, then put some liver into a marinade (red wine and garlic) for dinner for the evening.

The afternoon was a bit quieter. We set up all the pop up tents and tunnels in the garden, and Jonathan had a great time crawling around between them all, looking very cute.

Samuel did some more of his maths upgrade.

Dinner was tasty - I sauted off some mushrooms and bacon, reduced the marinade, and lightly cooked the liver slices (2 minutes each side). To my satisfaction, all the boys ate it, even though it is quite a long time since we've had liver (they were all weaned with it and used to love it but I have got out of the habit of having it). We had plenty so Mum joined us.

Jonathan slept well during the night - 3 hours, then 2 1/2, then 2, then 2. Much better than usual.

Today in the morning I went to get Roarke's prescription, collected a vintage dressmakers dummy (freecycle) that I hope to restore both for ebay photos and for some home ed projects.

We finally did something we've been meaning to do for ages and ordered a trampoline from Argos. We made the wrong choice two years ago and bought the climbing frame instead of a trampoline - the climbing frame has already broken!

Today I also put up the bouncy castle, complete with own fan, kindly given to us by another HE family whose kids have outgrown it. All the boys love it - especially Jonathan!

In the evening Mum treated us all to fish and chips, and then we settled down to watch Dr Who.

Now, Jonathan has fallen asleep AND gone up into his toddler bed AND stayed asleep.... so I am sitting here with my fingers crossed just about to pour myself a drink...

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