Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friends and Al Fresco

This morning we all went to church, then came back and the boys had some gf pizza for lunch.

My brother popped over, and his wife had kindly found 400+ balls (at a boot fair) to put in the bouncy castle.

Continuing the theme of recycling/second hand toys, we then went off to collect (thanks to Freecycle) a Little Tykes coupe car, and a toddler see saw. Its brilliant to have all this stuff for Jonathan especially as we gave all our stuff on after William so its nice to feel that what goes around comes around.

Whilst we were out, Roarke and I popped into Lidl (an old favourite shopping haunt before we were gluten free) and stocked up on some tasty treats. Back home via Tescos for a few more, then we came home and packed up a picnic dinner.

As a surprise we then whisked the boys off to High Elms for a early evening, continental style dinner al fresco. What made it extra nice was that there were two HE families there, with their friends and families, celebrating one of the daughter's 10th birthday. That meant the boys were able to hook up a little with some of their friends whilst we were there.

Feeling mellow (if worn out!) we then all came back home for much needed baths!

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Elle said...

Sounds fabulous. Elle