Sunday, May 18, 2008

This Week...

I didn't realise I hadn't posted all week!

What a week though.

Background themes include trying to fill in DLA claims for William and Samuel for the first time. The parents on the HESP list have been really helpful with advice, guidance, and general support.

The boys have been on Club Penguin, and have also got to grips with the new Lego Network. I must confess to having been the first member of the family to be a Lego Club Member! So, if you want, check out our pages: Mine, Joshua, Samuel, and William!

On Tuesday Samuel had his sailing lesson. Sadly, after falling in last week, when he actually got to the point of having to climb into the boat, he found that he couldn't face it. I tried my best to help him, but I'm not as good as Roarke at getting in touch with Samuel when he is like that, and a full blown meltdown ensued. As William had already had a meltdown over the other kids (not sailing) who were there not wanting to play HIS game, I decided to quite and come home. I'm not sure yet if he's going back to finish the course. It's very sad, as he was doing so well with it.

Wednesday we had our friends Sheila and Callum here for most of the day, which was really good. Sheila helped talk me through the DLA form, which was invaluable. I also just found the time to make some flapjacks that I could eat too, and some GF chocolate brownies for the boys (and our guests). In the evening I played taxi driver, taking Roarke to the college for his teaching, and then collected him two hours later to take him to church cell group!

Thursday I remember ended up being a very busy day, and I didn't get any of the things done I was meant to - but I can't now remember what happened! I do remember I got time to do the shopping, and that it was in between something else..... oh and the trampoline arrived.

Friday morning I got up to bake - GF bread rolls for hot dogs for the boys, GF/CF/egg free carrot cake and chocolate cup cakes, so that we had stuff to take later on that day. I then drove Joshua to sailing, turned around, came back, finished off the baking. Packed all the food up, took the others (and Roarke) over to the Bromley hall, where there was a birthday party for two of the children (hence the food). Roarke then stayed with William and Samuel whilst I put Jonathan BACK in the car, back over to collect Joshua from sailing. Then BACK to Bromley for half an hour. All in the car, take Roarke to the opticians, back home. Collapse. Regroup, then out the door over to our friends Grace & David as their little lad was celebrating his first birthday. We left there around 7.15 I think!

Saturday I got up with the urge to, as I described it to Roarke, "change something".

The result was to completely rearranged Samuel and William's room, dismantling Samuel's old bed - which was a high sleeper that had desk, cupboard and shelving space underneath. THAT meant a trip to Argos for a new wardrobe and three cupboard/shelving units. All but one of the new items got built, and the room is 3/4s sorted! Then I ran out of day and energy.

This morning as soon as the boys saw the sun, they wanted to know if the trampoline was going up! As soon as we got back from church, therefore, Roarke and I grabbed a light lunch then went out to dismantle the existing climbing frame, then set up the 13ft trampoline.

That took just short of two and a half hours - Roarke did as much as he could, in fact he did TOO much for his foot, which is slowly recovering.

I'm now sitting here worn out and with a splitting headache, realising I've got nothing sorted for dinner and I have nothing in the freezer, and anyway no inclination to cook!


dawny said...

i'm exhausted just reading it lol , so busy x

Sheila said...

Wow Ann, I agree with Dawny, I'm knackered reading it. You should slow down a bit! Only if it's to stop me from feeling guilty - haha. See you soon. xx