Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well I'm a happier bunny now, with Roarke back home! By all accounts his time away was a success, and he has a new contract to train salespeople for a major UK company. It might not led to many days work, but it is certainly something good to have on the CV!

I'm currently going round and round in circles trying to find things to eat. Although I didn't want to "do" the salicylate diet before talking to the dietician, having read up on it I've found it hard to go against my gut instinct and eat things that I know are high in them. So, breakfast is now organic porridge and rice milk, lunch is leek or onion or cabbage, mixed with cooked potato, garlic, and lightly fried in palm oil. Dinner is generally turning out to be plain meat and two veg - veg that are low or negligable in salicylates.

On Sunday we bundled in the car and went to see some old friends. When I was pregnant with William I joined the BabyCentre and met up online with other mums all due in the June of 2002. I really clicked with one lady and we soon became friends - especially when we both had our third son and both named them William!

Sadly, what with one thing and another, we haven't seen them for nearly 3 years so it was great to have finally got our diaries to coincide and get together. They live in North London, but the traffic up and back wasn't too bad and Jonathan slept for most of it.

Samuel, then Joshua, and now Roarke and Jonathan have had this bug going around; a slightly raised temperature, a headache that lasts days, and either tummy ache and/or loose bowels. Roarke also has I suspect a chest infection as his chest is very painful.

Its a shame because I found that after two days of changing my diet, I had a good night out of Jonathan but last night, going down with this bug, he was crying all night - not with wind but just the sort of grumbling we all feel when we aren't well.

Yesterday was a highlight, as we went to see the Tutankhamun exhibition at the O2. Although it was very busy, it was a good thing to have done and even Samuel and William got into it (Joshua really enjoyed it). Jonathan did NOT enjoy the crowds, noises, and semi dark and I ended up at one point breastfeeding him whilst walking! Novel experience, and one where I was GLAD of the semi dark!

The boys looked up some stuff on the 'net before they went, and Joshua amazed us all with the knowledge that he already had about it. Grace kindly got one of the audio headsets for him, which meant that he was able to find out even more when he was there.

The boys also enjoyed the actual O2 dome, especially the interactive dance video "studio"!

Its Samuel's birthday on Friday and he has presented me with a hand drawn "plan" as to how he wants his cake to look... a tardis... so I need to get creative!


Elle said...

Congrats to Roarke. We would have loved to have gone to the Tutankhamun exhibition - glad you had a good time.

Wobblymoo said...

Oh that diet sounds a bit bland :( Well done to Roake, hope it goes well