Saturday, January 26, 2008


Samuel enjoyed his birthday.

Friday morning he opened his presents from us, including a keyboard (not a "toy" one but the top end of the not-full-sized-serious range), a metal detector (thanks to watching Time Team about treasure troves!) and some more doctor who stuff.

Late morning we had some of his friends over, from the home ed group, for a birthday lunch.

The tardis cake I made went down well - it was a gluten free one made with gram flour as that made a denser cake that I could shape easier than the usual gf sponge one.

I wasn't happy with the cake (of course!) but Samuel was pleased and at least it looked fairly like the sketch he had drawn for me!

After the food, we went up the park over the road, despite the cold wind, as it was necessary to get the kids out to let off some of their energy (especially considering all the food colouring in that icing!)

Then, both Joshua and Samuel had their best friends (both schooled friends) come in after school to have tea. Note to self, never let five boys sit down unattended to a meal again! I was sitting upstairs trying to get Jonathan to sleep and the NOISE at the meal table was amazing!

Still, I guess I should slaken off for his birthday...

Actually, despite one or two meltdowns, this wasn't too bad a birthday.

This morning my brother and his wife and son came over with another two presents for Samuel (scooter and a Friends Scene It... groan....) and then Samuel and Joshua went off to a friend's birthday party at Goals in Beckenham.

Tomorrow we have friends from church for dinner (the family of Samuel's best friend) so that will finish off the special weekend for Samuel's birthday.

Oh, and I did let him off his maths ;0)

Jonathan had a good night last night, which seems to show that the diet is working. Which reminds me, I saw the nutritionist here on Thursday. She said she thinks I'll have to force Jonathan to wean as he "obviously won't take solids all the time you are breastfeeding"! I know what she meant, but I don't know that I want to go that way. I'd rather this child started autonomous, and have even more chances of expression than the others have had. (she says, as she feels him clutching her ankle, having got stuck under the table AGAIN trying to reach the pc off switch!).

She didn't ridicule my idea of this salicylate free diet, but was actually quite supportive - though at the end of the day I didn't actually feel she helped much. We got him weighed also today, and his weight/height has dropped but nothing out of the ordinary for a breastfed baby, who you expect to go up and down more.

Roll on his appointment... mind you, that is all supposing that the paediatrician is supportive too...

We've also had William's speech and language appointment. Just like with Samuel, it actually highlighted to us how "different" he is. It also showed clearly how he struggles, like Samuel, to classify words into groups/family/classes, so we've got some exercises to do on that.

At the end she agreed to recommend him on for assessment, supporting the idea of aspergers, but then said "you know what I'm going to say next?" and said that as he was home ed, as he was obviously so bright, he didn't qualify for extra help - unless he went to school...


Elle said...

Happy birthday to Samuel. I think the cake looks brilliant. Elle

Wobblymoo said...

That cake looks brilliant, I have one to make for this weekend. I'm pleased the diet is working, I hope you are finding plenty to eat. I hope the paedriatrician is supportive too, that is most importnat.