Monday, October 29, 2007

What Next?!

Ok, so now it looks like I'm going soya free too! Jonathan didn't react well to the soy-braised chicken, nor the dairy free, soya based ice cream Thursday night :O( I had the ice cream on Friday and Saturday too, and it definately seemed to be related to the past few disturbed nights.

Saturday was a quiet day, which was just as well as I'd been up most of the night with him.

However, just to liven things up, Mum's washing machine broke! We had another one, our old one, in the garage, but that one didn't work either.

Not good in a household with three adults, four boys, one of whom is a baby!

The boys managed to play well today, in a construction game that inlcuded all of them. They've also revived their interest in Sim City, and are taking it in turns to play it. They have also got the coke cups out again.

Sunday morning was church, and in the afternoon we went to visit my brother's new house.

Got home, to realise that the TOILET had broken too! The pedestal has cracked (its a very old, porcelain one) and the water is dripping through the floorboards onto the cooker below in the kitchen. So we can't use the cooker top either. Everything needs to be cooked in the oven, slow cooker, or microwave.

Oh, and on top of that, I got into the car this morning to find the two sun roofs on the car we got given are both leaking.


Bought a new washing machine today, but the toilet won't get fixed till at least Thursday.

Anyone got a chemical toilet to lend out?!...

I keep suggesting to Joshua, as our resident eco warrier, that we ought to take the opportunity to create an outdoor, compost toilet, but he doesn't seem to find that funny...

It was interesting to see autism mentioned on BBC Breakfast today, with their interview of Emma Noble, as well as the feature on the HE kid who now has his own chocolate company. Thanks to those of you who helped out with Cat's request for your ASD stories. The response has been great and could lead to bigger things. Watch this space.

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Wobblymoo said...

I have a chemical toilet but it's a bit far away from you :(