Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Autonomy Rocks!

Today, despite our, er, toiletry restrictions, has gone reasonably well.

William got out one of his letter books, and voluntarily sat down to practice copying the letters. He could also pick out 3 of the 5 letters of his name, from the alphabet. This may not seem much at 5, but as he is being autonomously educated, this means it is as a result of his own "learning", rather than anyone teaching him.

I'm also about to sit and watch him on Education City.

Joshua has written up another book review, and also worked through an Egyptian pack. Interestingly, he said to me that he got answers right to questions that he didn't know that he knew. I said that this evidence just how much information he was taking in when he watched documentaries etc.

Samuel has stunned us today by writing a brilliant story. Let me explain, as maybe it may sound harsh to say we were so surprised. As an aspie, his imagination doesn't work itself out quite the same as Joshua who is usually assumed to be the inventive one.

Samuel is more into non-fiction, rather than reading stories, and has never yet shown a real interest to write his own fiction.

Also, considering he has Semantic Pragmatic Disorder, and struggles so much with the meaning of words, the choice of words that he has got in the story is brilliant; very descriptive.

The story is about him and his brothers discovering a magical world just for them and in it he has Joshua saying something, which we all fell about when we heard, as it was *exactly* what his brother would have said!

This shows real insight into characters, which I didn't realise he had.

In the afternoon we had our outing to the indoor play area, though Joshua decided to stay home and get some space away from his brothers.

The rest of us had a good time.

The good news is that we should be having a new toilet put in tomorrow. Being without facilities somehow strikes at the very heart of one's comfort and feeling of civilisation!


Fiona said...

Can you ask S if he "hears" the dialogue when he writes it ? That's how it works for me.

Love, Fiona

dawniy said...

hope you get your new loo
so you can have a comfy pooh lol x

Wobblymoo said...

That's brilliant, sounds like a great storyline :)