Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Relieved" to Have a New Washing Machine ;O)

Well, our appliances are all now refitted and working!

Yesterday our new toilet was put in. It has a water saving flush feature, which pleases Joshua, and a button flush to operate - which pleases us all as William couldn't reach the high flush handle and we all used to have to flush the toilet for him!

When they delivered the new washing machine today, I said to the men that I thought it was very sad just how excited I was, to which they replied that it was no surprise to them as most of the people they delivered to, got excited over it!

A week without a machine has been looooong!

In the afternoon/early evening yesterday the boys went to a youth party at the church, which apparently went really well. During the day they pottered around, playing several games, working on the pc, etc.

Today Roarke and I had a long business meeting (at home) with a potential new business partner, and the boys were brilliant by playing out of the way quietly.

In the afternoon, there was more blogging and other online work.

And lots of washing!

I took several calls as an Local Contact for EO, as well as spending 52 minutes on the phone to Richard Whitehead, who is a practioner of the Davis Method for helping dyslexics. He was explaining how they view dyslexia as a gift, rather than a disability, as it enables the dyslexic to do things, see things, and make connections that others can't.

Its an attitude I've found a lot amongst the asperger community, where older teens/adults have come to reveal and celebrate their unique take on life. It also brings to mind a very dear friend of mine who is a dyslexic. He says that he is sure it is at the root of his tremendous sense of humour; making connections "erroneously" between words - due to his dyslexia - makes him the master of the pun and a tremendous wordsmith. It's always hard keeping up with him in a battle of wits, or wordplay!

I certainly know that dh, as an aspie, has founds many of the traits and characteristics that he (now) knows to be linked to it, invaluable in business. They are the elements that make him who he is, and so good at what he does.

Jonathan has been *really* unsettled today but I think that is down to teething as he has had red cheeks all day, poor thing.

Me, Im finding myself day dreaming of all the foods I can't eat....

Not that I'm desperate, but I'm sitting here with a pot of humous and a carrot...

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Wobblymoo said...

We have to celebrate who we are and what God made us, sometimes that can be hard and maybe we don't undertsand His reasoning behind it, but one day we will and so I always celebrate that instead ;)