Friday, October 26, 2007

Autism Esearch

Please help Cat out:


Accepting that I am probably insane I really do need help from parents here who are now home educating their autistic children. I am going to need at least 20 parents to answer the following questions - they answers can be short they need not be in depth - I just need an overview. Why? Well I have been sent a circular via our local NAS about submissions for next years conference and the subject is 'How does research help people with autism?'

I want to write a paper wrapped around home education and why it is right for many children with autism.

You can send your responses here . MANY MANY thanks in advance. The deadline for the paper is Halloween - sums up my state of mind then (crazy)



How long have you been home educating for?

What was the main reason why you took you child out of school?

Has there been a change in their behaviour since taking them out of school?

Is your child as rigid regarding routine as they were when they were attending school?

Has there been a decline in the level of their phobias and fears since taking them out of school?

Has there been any improvement in the sleep patterns. Do they now sleep longer?

Has there been any improvement in their social skills?

Has their communication skills improved at all?

Do you think that their ability to learn has improved?

Do you feel that they now enjoy learning?

Has their self esteem and confidence improved?

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Elaine said...

Thanks for the link it was a nice lift seeing it there sorry I was late picking it up , it is birthday day here so rather hectic