Saturday, May 12, 2007

Projects and Pains

Joshua has been working on his catapult project. He researched the history, using some of the following sites:

Storm the Castle

How to Build Catapults

History on the Net

He then worked out how to build one using K'nex.

This is the end result:

He test fired it, using a 2 x 2 duplo brick, and it went 1.10m!

I'm very impressed!

He's also been "growing" his Test Tube Alien that he got for Christmas..

I suggested that, once it is finished with, we play "Area 51".. which then led to explaining just what Area 51 was meant to be about! It ended up as a rather complex discussion about whether or not there is any other life form out there.

We had a couple of different families over this week, so the boys have had a chance to play with several friends - which has made up a bit for the rain keeping them indoors.

Samuel has been reading to William too, which is always good to hear as it benefits both of them, and Joshua and Roarke managed a page of his Science GCSE book without either of them getting frustrated with each other (progress!).

More pains last night :0( 6 minutes apart for 2 hrs, then stopped, then started again. At least the thunderstorm overnight gave me something to watch/listen to whilst I was sitting up (as I couldn't sleep through them).

The boys are getting impatient now to meet Jonathan; apparently they told the couple that sat with them on Wednesday that "Mum's bringing our new baby home!". This, despite Roarke having gone out of his way on the phone to them, and everyone, to explain that WE didn't think it was labour...

Anyway, Roarke is working in Tunbridge Wells again this weekend, so I certainly hope nothing happens in the next 48hrs!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're O.K Ann. Love the catpult!! I know my big 3 got quite impatient during the last few weeks, lol