Saturday, May 12, 2007

Radio 5 Live Debate

Fiona Nicholson, Chair of the EO Government Policy Group and Local Contact for Sheffield, will be debating home education with Tony Mooney on BBC Radio 5 Live on Sunday 13th May around 10.30 am.

Fiona will be in the BBC Radio Sheffield studio while Mr Mooney and Julian Worricker will be in the London studio. Her son Theo will probably come into the studio to have his say. Theo is 14 and has never been to school or nursery. Theo also lives in a council flat and will not be doing GCSEs, both of which things greatly concern Mr Mooney.

Listen live or on "Listen Again" feature. Here are details for comment and feedback to the BBC on the show.

If you prefer to phone the number is 0500 909 693 text 85058.

It is always worth giving Education Otherwise website address to the media:

It might be worth mentioning the Helpline as well. The new EO Helpline Number is 0845 4786 345. The previous Helpline number still works but EO is moving over to the new one because it is cheaper for callers and for EO.

If you are speaking to someone on the phone you can always tell them to put "Education Otherwise" into any search engine.

Here are a couple of links where Mr Mooney writes about being a home education inspector and also a private tutor:

Confessions of a private tutor

The Learning Curve: Tutoring

Tony Mooney: Time to face the truth about home schooling

"In many cases, the parents are not equipped to push their child along, especially in the final two years of schooling. Few parents can afford to employ home tutors...The ones who can afford it seek help from home tutors for GCSE work...."

As Fiona said to the BBC producer, "I think we see a theme beginning to emerge here..."

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Lisa said...

ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That last line that Tony Mooney said on the bbc 5 live show really got my back up. He talked about the government and the every child matters agenda which I know about. He said that they're turning a blind eye to what's going on at home. OMG! I think they're turning a blind eye to what's going on in schools. (sorry if I sound like I'm ranting)