Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Interesting Day

I went for my regular appointment this afternoon at 2pm to the hospital.

finally discharged myself from hospital (more or less) at 8.30pm!

I'd been contracting at 4mins apart since 9am this morning and they couldn't decide if I was or wasn't in labour.

Registrar wanted me to stay in, because of the risk of having a 36 week baby at home, but as we only live 10 minutes away I managed to convince her to let me go...

If the pains don't stop, need to be admitted for 24hrs on a "patch" of drugs to try to stop the contractions.

Hope and pray they will either stop, or I'll go into labour "proper" - really don't want many more days like this!


dottyspots said...

(((Anne))) I had jabs when I was pg. with Nin, not fun. Still, she came a few days after EDD.

Hope things slow down so that baby has a chance to mature for a bit longer, but if it's time, then I hope things go well for you all :)

Anonymous said...

((ann)) thinking of you.

Emma said...

Hoping you are okay. Will be thinking of you and popping by regularly to see how things are. I empathise with the feeling of being in limbo and not knowing what's happening.
Little Finlay sends his love to baby Jonathan. x

IndigoShirl said...

My thoughts are with you Ann. I hope all goes well.

BWs, Shirl -x-