Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Uneventful Day

Continuing on with their game, and the card making, Joshua today decided to produce the cards on the pc. We’ve told him if he writes up the instructions for his new, card based game, we can offer it out to his home ed friends!

Watch out Richard Branson!

We all made a new friend today, when a lovely couple came around with their 5 year old to talk about home education, and about being involved in our local HE group. The young lad settled down quite quickly with my three, and they all seemed to get on well. Bearing in mind that three of the four boys were ones who had all been – for different reasons – labelled as difficult at school, it makes you realise just where the problem lies; certainly not with our kids.

Today we received through the free DVD The Transporters courtesy of the NAS. Samuel saw the box and is itching to watch it, but I said we wanted to all watch it together so he is going to have to wait till tomorrow. Very impressed with it so far, and the accompanying book though.

The boys watched a bit of Class TV today – mainly the Maths Channel – which was good. They go through phases of watching lots of “educational” tv and hopefully this might be the start of one of those phases!

I spent a lot of the day battling with this computer, which we’ve had problems with since the day we bought it, after Roarke loaded on some new software that caused a huge conflict; ending in the entire system going haywire. Just about got it going again (at least I’ve got the internet back!) but it looks like tomorrow we’ll have to back it up, and then wipe it completely. PC World say, if it still doesn’t work properly after that, then they’ll look at exchanging it…

I've been in even more pain today. Jonathan turned transverse late morning, which was better, but just before dinner he turned breech again and I'm in lots of pain. As soon as I stand up my uterus tightens and my belly goes rock hard. A couple of times it has been bad enough to even make me have to breathe through it to relax. Not good. Sitting here actually at the computer is very uncomfortable so I'm going to have to cut short what could have been a rather rambling blog anyway!

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Emma said...

((Hugs)) for the pain.
I missed that you've given baby a name as I haven't been online for ages. Is Jonathon his 'blog' name or to be his real name?
Hope you're getting plenty of R & R.