Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Boys Toys and Life Lessons

The boys have made themselves swords out of Kid K'nex, and shields out of lego bases (with lego handles). Quite ingeneous however it has led to a lot of "accidents" as they play "battles".

Over the years I've realised that, much as I hate to admit it, there are certain things that appear to be programmed into boys that will come out regardless of their upbringing! Mine never had guns or swords bought for them - working on the theory that they needed no encouragement.

They can, it seems, use anything as a weapon!

I found a great idea today, whilst searching for some "boys craft": a (relatively) safe "boffer"! Despite looking rather scary, its just made of pvc pipe (that you use for plumbing) and foam. Can definately see this being a hit (no pun intended!) at our next craft session..

This afternoon we went to the indoor play area that our HE group meets at fortnightly. By coincidence, all 5 families there only had boys - 9 between us! Despite the age range - 2-11 - they all played really well and there were no fights nor meltdowns.

The parents all got a good chance to chat too, putting the world to rights!

Back home to a nice meal, as I'd put something in the slow cooker this morning, which is good as I feel extremely tired again this evening.

The boys seem to have separated off, with Joshua watching a Harry Potter film on his pc and Samuel and William downstairs using the cushions as a "nest". William is in a serious mood with me though as I told him he is far too young to watch Harry Potter.

Samuel got in a similar mood earlier today when he'd gone to the shops with his Dad and brothers to look for a new pc game. I know not everyone shares my attitude, but I do try to keep a close watch on the sort of games they are allowed to play; if nothing else I find that neither Samuel (with Aspergers and ADHD) nor Joshua (with his "highly strungness") need the stimulation that some of the more involving and/or fighting games can give.

This does not always make us popular parents, but it is one of the very few areas that dh and I are immovable on, and one of the rare occasions when it really is a case of "because I say so" and it is not up for discussion.

Fortunately, he got over his anger; it wasn't helped by the shop not having the actual game he went in there for and he still is unable to cope with things not turning out the way he pictures them in advance in his head. I'm slowly learning that there is nothing much I can do, just be patient, at times like that.

William looks very cute at the moment; I finally got around to cutting his hair, which he asked to have in a "spiky bit just down the middle". After some more conversation we realised he meant mochican style! So my 4 1/2yo now has a "mohican" (of sorts!)

Definately having trouble with Will! All mainly around age issues; he keeps complaining of being "left out" or "not played with" when actually they translate as "not old enough for..." or "they won't do as I say". I explained to them all today that, learning to take turns, learning that you don't always get your way, are painful growing up lessons. Usually, I said, those lessons are learnt in a really hard way by going to school at William's age.

Being at home, and trying to learn them, in some ways is nicer but in other ways its actually harder and just as painful at the time. He has no experience of being made to wait, or not be allowed to do something he wants to and it is proving to be quite hard for him to get his head around.

It both fascinates and horrifies me - as I realised just how it must have been for Joshua and Samuel to have learned those lessons in school.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog- I have had a much better couple of days since.
Sounds lovely and busy in your neck of the woods.
We have similar issues with age with Em. Nathan and Abi are 11(soon 12) and 10 (soon 11) poor Em is only six and finds it all too unfair when she cant have the same amount of pocket money or a mobile phone etc *sigh* and being Aspie he tends to go on and on and on.... lol.