Monday, March 05, 2007

Characters and Cards

Because we didn't know that Samuel had Aspergers until last year (for certain), I recall that up until he was about 6 we all used to just say "it's his way" to explain any quirky behaviour. It never crossed our mind that he was different in any other way than his personality.

That's not to say that we view him, really, as SEN - just that now we realise that there are some things that are harder for him to do and understand - like realising your child is hard of hearing and that they weren't being "naughty" for the past however many years - they genuinely didn't hear you!

So, having had the experience of thinking he behaved that way "just because he was a boy" then discovering there were other reasons, I'm now having the opposite issue with William.

He plays most with Samuel, and as a typical third child, copies his older brothers. This is good; in terms of his vocubulary at least. But I do find that he has copied many of Samuel's "quirky" behaviours.

Now I find myself worrying that he also has Aspergers - whereas in fact I'm sure in his case it is "just because" he is a boy!

In particular, it is his concentration, lack of focus, and his poor short term memory that are the most like Samuel was at that age. He is very sociable - as Samuel is - but in the same, unaware manner which means he doesn't realise if his attentions are unwelcome, and gets highly upset if someone "rejects" him in any way.

On the other hand, he is very verbal (and obvious has no issues like SPD), and can make connections very quickly (more like Joshua).

*sigh* I just don't want to misjudge the situation and therefore feel like I am doing the child a disservice.

Last year we were concerned about William's growth when, upon moving here and getting a new GP, we had him weighed and measured for the first time in over a year and found out that he had dropped from the 75th to the 9th centile for his weight. As we already were having issues with his eating, this was a concern. We thought the eating problem had started when Dad got ill, and got worse once he died, but we hadn't had a lot of success getting him eating again.

Six months later, he was weighed today and is now back up to the 50th centile, though his height has dropped. At least it seems it was just "one of those things". He is eating slightly better now, but still seems quite obsessed with healthy eating, and doesn't seem to like feeling full.

Today the boys have just played around - mainly with this retail game. Turns out its a potions shop that Joshua is running, and Samuel is supplying..

Oh and another new game, that again I don't fully understand. What has come out of it though is that the boys have decided to make cards for each of the characters in their game. Like trump cards for star wars or doctor who, they have carefully drawn out each character and given them their ratings.

William has drawn some brilliant ones too!

Joshua announced to me that it was an idea of theirs to "do some learning" and the cards were the result....

As for me, its been a catch up sort of day, in various ways. Roarke has been calling some more agencies looking for work, and hope to have some more stuff coming our way to help out.

Jonathan has turned, which means I've grown huge again! Interestingly, the strong braxton hicks have started again though. Joshua was transverse until 10 days before he was born - and he was premature. Samuel and William were the correct way round, and both had their heads fully engaged by month 7 - and I had all the pains. I realised the last day that I had a lot of pain this time around, that Jonathan had turned the right way. So maybe there's some connection?

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Philippa said...

I have a son with hearing problems and I read your post and you are so spot on! I can't help watching the other children and analysing them. I also find it hard to separate what is him being naughty (he does ignore me!) and when he doesn't hear me! When his hearing is bad (colds etc although glue ear is not the problem) he can be very difficult. He has his own quirks. Whether that is the way he would have been without his 'problems' or not, I don't know! He is just wonderful as he is!! (biased of course!)
Being worried is natural isn't it! I am a born worrier!