Monday, September 04, 2006

Learning Links

Yesterday we were very kindly given a chemistry set and microscope by someone at church. The microscope works well, and I showed Samuel how to use it, just using a hair from my head (couldn't find a coloured one.. but at least the see-through/white ones showed up clearer...).

Anyway, it meant the usual hunt for links, so I can recommend Microscopy UK and The Biology Project!

Our neighbour has also lent Samuel his old guitar. Samuel is very interested in music but I am trying to find out whether his interest is matched by any ability. So, he is allowed to use the guitar if he will agree to actually looking at learning to play it. I have also brought up my old first keyboard from the old house - a bontempi minstrel! If anyone has any books out there for it, please let me know...

Anyway, as a precurser to all this I have talked to him about learning to read music, and learning to recognise notes. Again, I tried to find some interactive or game based learning sites for him, as that is the best way for him it seem. I have downloaded two free music "games" from which look really good.

The email lists today were full of the sad death of the "Croc Hunter" - beloved by so many children around the world. The boys took it better than I expected, and it led to some research into stingrays...

As part of their learning today, they watched the start of the new BBC children's series Evactuation. This was followed up by visiting the site - some good stuff there - and then revisiting the BBC schools page on subject.

Tomorrow sees the resumption of our fortnightly visit to the indoor play area, and I am pleased that some of the new members of the group will be coming. There look to be some good friendships forming amongst the children which can only help to improve their confidence and happiness.

Finally, today I took William to see the Health Visitor. I was pleasantly suprised that she was not overtly anti-HE and agreed that I "had good reason" for taking the boys out and commented that their progress over the past year showed that I was "right" in doing so. I was prepared for a battle so I was quite relieved. Though I do think she felt I should be sending William to school this week as there was "nothing wrong" with him!

She reassured me about his weight and we agreed to check it again in six months. He shows no sign of looking thin, and is obviously very active, so although he's dropped 2 centiles in 5 months she wasn't that concerned. He's still on the 95th for his height!

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