Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunny Sundays

Fabulous service at church this morning, which has set me up lovely for the week. William moved up into Energize as he is now too old for Happy Faces :-(

It struck me again that this little fellow was due to start school on Wednesday... he is just too young and I am so glad that I "found" home education in time for him to spared the experience of school.

In the afternoon we had another homeschooling (Christian) family over for lunch. Despite there being 8 kids in the house, the afternoon was relatively quiet! They all played really well, and seemed to get on easily - finding common ground.

It gave us parents a chance to chat - and it was so good to be with people with whom we had a number of things in common: our faith, our views on education, and our views on family.

The children also went up to the park with their dads, giving us mums a chance to talk some more about educational philosophies, the education system in general, and the different ways to home educate.

All in all a very enjoyable afternoon, and one I hope we can repeat soon.

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