Friday, March 09, 2007

The End of the Week

Well the Transporters DVD went down well. I must say it is very bland; William only watched one as I think he found it a bit too boring. However Samuel was interested and that’s who it is aimed at anyway. He liked the characters and I think the fact that it was made to look as a model railway layout helped. He is always playing with his PC game – Make Your Own Model Railway – so it was very similar.

He found the “easy” quiz very easy, and I think he tried the “hard” quiz but I wasn’t in the room with him and don’t know how it went yet. Still, hopefully he will find it encouraging as, if he is trying to explain the aspergers to people, he tends to include the fact that he doesn’t know what people are thinking just from their face.

Yesterday we had the chance to go over to another HE family’s house, for the boys to play for 2 hours, which they thoroughly enjoyed (it seemed to involve light sabers and such in the garden!) and today we met up with Grace – all boys again!

It is so good to see their confidence now in playing with others.

I came across some more games and things for them to try today, which I have emailed them. Yes, I know it sounds daft, but it seems to work for us all – I email Joshua and Samuel regularly with learning games to try, or new sites to visit and add to their “learning” Favourites. This means they get emails in their inboxes – which they love – and most times they will click through and go onto the game/site – which means they get some learning done!

So today’s stuff was:
Draw a garden competition
make red nose day glasses
Word Builder
Word Match

Oh, and I have signed our group up for next years School Report from the BBC – will be interesting to speak with them when they contact me and see if they will allow an HE group to take part. If they do, I’ll let other groups know.

Talking of the HE group, the sports stuff we ordered thanks to the Tesco Sports for Schools & Clubs thing last year, arrived yesterday. Put together with the bits we got from the similar Sainsburys collection, and our group now has a nice amount of basic PE/sports equipment to use outdoors over the summer. Things like tennis balls, relay batons, hula hoops, targets, bean bags, skipping ropes and more.

Now we just need the weather to improve.. still it’s getting there!

The pains have eased a bit today, however for some reason I've been feeling nauseous all day. Not sure if its just background emotional tension, or a bug, that is causing it all. Still, at least Jonathan has turned - hence the fact that the pains have eased! (by the way Emma, that's his "real" name not a blog name!).


Amanda said...

Jonathan is lovley name :0) When are you due?

Amanda - 4kids&adog

Emma said...

It is a gorgeous name!!
I can call him by his name now instead of just 'baby'.
Hope he's behaving himself in there and not bashing you about too much, lol.

Sharon said...

I've ordered the Transporters DVD too, hope Duncan likes it!

Jonathan is a beautiful name. Hope you're keeping well.