Saturday, March 17, 2007

High Elms

The GP surgery called yesterday to say that my blood test results showed that my iron levels are low, so that may account for some of the symptoms I've been having. We'll have to see if the iron tablets make any difference.

We had a nice day yesterday. In the morning, our group had a meet at High Elms County Park. One young lad had made cakes to sell for red nose day, to all the dog walkers, and raised a grand £32.20, which was brilliant. I took along the Sainsburys Active Kids equipment, and our new Tescos Sports equipment, and the kids made good use of them! Six families came along, with kids between the ages of 2 and 12, and they all seemed to enjoy themselves!

New friendships were made amongst the mums, many of whom had only "met" via email before yesterday.

The kids kept warm running around (and climbing the trees) but we all got a bit chilly, so two of the families retired with me back to our house. Us mums then had a grand old natter, getting really into a good conversation on HE and the hows and whys, and where it leads. The children all played well.

The multi-vitimins that boys are now taking are definately having a positive effect on Samuel. Joshua however seems "worse" than usual (ie highly strung) and emotive and its hard to tell what is circumstances (approaching the anniversary of Dad's death), biology (puberty) or what. Mind you, he developed what appeared to be two blacks eyes later on in the day yesterday, which I wondered whether they were "allergic shiners". He hasn't had anything new in the previous 24hrs, so it would have to have been something he handled at the park.

Not having had any experience of them before, I can't tell.

Today Roarke was working in Oxford, so I was on my own. I managed, though, to actually have a rest; I was horizontal for exactly 51 minutes! Although I didn't sleep for most of it, it did feel good to have had a rest.

Apart from that, I did some baking - a new Glutafin recipe that was amazingly tasty. I also tried out a new milk bread recipe for the bread maker which was also scrummy.

Joshua spent three or four hours today watching back to back documentaries in Nan's room - I think it was the Walking with Dinosaurs/Walking with Beasts stuff. This left William and Samuel to play together, which has been more successful than usual (William has one new cut only!)

Jonathan continues to be very active; Samuel was sitting with his hand on my belly waiting to feel him kick, which he did, then must have stretched his leg out as Samuel felt him pushing really hard against his hand! I told Samuel it felt a lot more painful from the inside!

Congratulations to Natalie and her husband on the successful delivery of Lucy, at 32 weeks, yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers are with her, for the little one to strengthen and grow as quickly as possible so that she can be taken home to be with the rest of the family.

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Emma said...

That recipe is on my to-do list for this week. They look yummy :-)

I hope the iron tablets help and give you a burst of extra energy to help you through the next couple of months.