Thursday, March 15, 2007

Interesting But Exhausting Day

Where do I start?

Hmm. At around 8am this morning you could have heard my dulcet tones on BBC Radio Gloucestershire... I wasn't exactly misquoted, let's just say that the answer you hear me give was NOT in response to the question that it was made to appear it was for!

(If you are interested, it was the Mark Cummings show this morning - click on the Listen Again link, then use the forward buttons to go forward. 1 hr 55 in, you get the news item that "quotes" me. The interview with the HE Mum, Mary, is 2 hrs 15 into the programme.)

Then passed on some details for a reporter for the Eastern Daily Press, as they are doing an HE feature too this weekend.

Next I took myself off to the GP's surgery to see the nurse. You see, I've had a permanent headache for the past 6 days and nights, on top of which my blood can be heard pounding in my ears even over the noise of the kids, and I seem to lose my breath as soon as I stand up! Whilst I was fairly convinced that this was all within "normal" limits, I wanted to check it out.

My urine tests were fine, my blood pressure was ok sitting down, but my pulse was quite high. The nurse made me stand up; my pulse soared and the lower bp figure also rose to borderline.

The nurse quite frankly had no idea why this would be, and said to monitor it and come back if need be, and to certainly raise it at my consultant's appointment next week...

Anyone know anything about a fast pulse? I remember actually that when I had my anomoly scan at Kings they commented my pulse was high. When I told Roarke what it had been, he said that was the same as the heart rate he acheives after a 20 minutes swim... and all I'd done was stand up!

Back home, grab a quick lunch, then off to Canterbury to the Museum for the Ingenious Inventions roadshow, as part of National Science Week.

We were meant to spend 10 minutes max at each table, but after over an hour were only on our third one! In the end a number of families had to go off on their own due to time commitments.

Still, everyone seemed to get a lot out of it. The lady on the "communications" table was taken aback at the good quality and number of answers that she received to her question, from kids ranging between 5 and 11. She actually turned to me and said "this is far better than the school kids. You wouldn't believe the silly answers I've been given today!" to which I naturally replied that you can see the benefit of HE...

Instead of being there for an hour, it was almost 3 hours by the time we'd left! A quick dash home, calling mum on the way to get the oven on, and a late dinner. I'm now officially wrung out.

I was in an awful amount of pain by the end of today and it doesn't take a genius to work out that I just can't do that amount of standing/walking around any more. Need to ensure Roarke is always able to take the kids on any "big" trips over the next few weeks.

We will definately be going back to the Museum though - try to make a (slow!) day of it - as if nothing else the boys want to spend time in the Rupert Bear Museum!

Oh, and we also did some more of the painting of the bedroom today!

Tomorrow we are off to High Elms to have some fun, in aid of Red Nose Day; though without Roarke as he has an appointment in London for some work this weekend.

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