Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bits and Bobs Kinda Day

Today Samuel was slightly better, and although he's still been a bit manic, we haven't had a meltdown.

In the morning the boys played with their lego, building very good replicas of the various battle craft. Its great that they have something which they all enjoy doing. It took Samuel quite a while to get into lego but now he has gained more confidence in building, and therefore plays with it more often.

Good to see that the HE e-petition has broken through the 1,000 barrier!

Lots more media coverage too, including this great piece and this one. I think the Sunday Express will be covering it too, as I was interviewed by them today, and I know they hope to be talking to other families.

This afternoon we popped back over to Grace's, so that the boys could get the birthday cake they missed out on yesterday :0) Whilst there, we went to a nearby park for a while. I got a brief chance to go through some of the Walking with Beetles stuff, when he sat out for a while on the bench after getting a bit short of breath with his asthma. Unfortunately, their friend Theo was still feeling rough, so they didn't stay out for long.

Samuel's been at the make up again; he loves giving me a make over! The practice is definately helping.. his latest idea is to be a movie make over artist.

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