Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SALTs and Shortbread

Today we received through our copy of the Speech and Language Therapy Initial Report, from the assessment that Samuel had earlier this month.

The SALT wrote that Samuel is "a pleasant young man who is eager to cooperate, with good attention skills". Hmm, so she doesn't side with the Consultant over the ADHD working diagnosis then?!

She also wrote that he demonstrated "literal understanding" and that, although he tried hard, he couldn't maintain a conversation in a co-operative way. I'd found that interesting at the time because, whilst I know he lacks some social understanding, I hadn't really appreciated how unable to "converse" he was, until I watched his assessment. He doesn't see that he is "meant" to ask the other person in a conversation about them, and is happy just to talk about himself and his interests. It wasn't something I was aware we'd have to work upon.

However they've sent through some suggested things to work through with him, including Understanding Stories, Asking Questions for Social Purposes and Ways to Address Literal Understanding. She recommended Jessica Kingsley Publishers: anyone heard of them?

The gluten thing seems to be calming down a bit, as we haven't had a meltdown now for 48 hours, and I noticed even his repetitive behaviour lessened considerably today. We had Liz and her kids over today (5 and 2) which is always good for Samuel. He is so very good with the little ones. He helped them in, helped them with their coats and shoes, and took great care of little Harry.

We had weird weather today; on and off blue sky and hail stones. Still, we saw lots of rainbows:

I also received through today our 3 potatoes from the "potatoes for schools" initiative. Its handy that we got three, as it means we can give one each to the boys, each to its own pot, and see how they grow. There's lots of resources on the site for them to use. I also found some good stuff on the Farming and Countryside Education site.

This evening we had our church cell group meeting at our house, and I was once again struck by the very mature way that my lads met people at the door, helped with their coats, offered drinks and biscuits (they'd all made some more gf shortbread in the afternoon!). Its something that adults always notice about HE kids - their social maturity is usually years ahead of their "peers".

It really encourages me to know that Samuel is learning these social skills in such a secure environment, as I know they will be essential to him in later years.

Roarke got some more sponsor today, which is great, and he adds swimming to his training regime tomorrow. He's definately changing shape!

ps gluten free shortbread recipe:

100g icing sugar
100g rice flour
50g butter
50g cornflour

Cream the butter and icing sugar together, then add the flours and a pinch of salt. Knead lightly to a soft dough, roll into a cylinder, wrap in clingfilm and put in the fridge for 20 minutes. You can then take it out and slice it into 1cm thick discs. Bake for 25 minutes on 160c. If you sprinkle them with sugar before baking they come out even nicer! This never makes enough.. and the biscuits usually disappear within the hour!

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Lisa said...

Hi Anne
Can't believe you have a salt. Up her in Cumbria if you have ASD your not entitled to one.

Jessica Kingsley publishers do a lot of the books that you would find in NAS publications. They have a website of their own as well.