Monday, February 26, 2007

Learning All the Time

Today I received some great free learning resources that I'd ordered.

First off were lots of the "Shout About" booklets and resources from Friends of the Earth. The "Mad about" stuff I hope to use with Samuel, and the other resources are ideal for Joshua.

Even more exciting, I received my copy of VGAS. This computer programme allows you to set up a virtual house, in which you put in all your preferences for how you acheive your comfortable standard of living - it then makes you aware of the cost of those choices in terms of greenhouses gases, climate change etc. Playing the game, you then come across regular challenges - maybe there is a new tax on petrol, or some food scare that means you can't eat pork, etc. How you respond to those challenges acheives - or loses - you points in terms of how your living affects the environment. I can't wait to load it up and go through it with Joshua!

In a similar vein, try out this online Fisheries programme. Designed to help improve awareness of natural resources governance inr elation to attitudes towards risk, lifestyle, the environment and fisheries. Definately one for your older children.

I don't know if you are "into" books on HE. I'm trying to build up my library of them, as I am finding them increasingly useful both as a Local Contact, and in being involved with the EO Government Policy Group - especially in light of the DfES rumblings with regards to home education. Feeling that it can't hurt to get more informed and "educated" on the bigger issues surrounding HE. At the moment I am thoroughly enjoying the latest book from Roland Meighan - Comparing Learning Systems: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Counter-productive. There are some brilliant quotes in it, which I shall be learning!

I'm currently sitting here with my foot up, having just twisted it quite badly coming out of my friend Grace's house. We'd popped over there to wish her a happy birthday, as the boys had made her cards. Unfortunately, since the weekend when we think that Samuel and Joshua had gluten (at a chinese) their behaviour has been quite difficult and Samuel in particular has struggled. An incident at Grace's sparked off a full blown aspie meltdown, which was a shame. Good to be amongst caring friends though, who understand, and who were really concerned about him.

As is the way with aspies though, it was forgotten by the time we got in the car, and he is now happily tucking into sausages and chips! (tesco's now do chilled sausages in their Free From range, for which I am extremely grateful - especially on a night like tonight!).

Roarke has had some more donations towards his target; if you haven't already, have a look at his page on Just Giving, and/or check out his blog.

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