Friday, November 10, 2006

TV Based Learning and Cars

I've been pleasantly surprised that Samuel has settled down each morning to some maths. Admittedly it has only been half an hour at a time, but it is still progress. Especially as he is having a particularly tough week - we presume because of the wheat starch from the products at the weekend.

Today we've only had one "meltdown", yesterday we had two, the day before was 4, with the first two days of the week consisting, it felt, of one long meltdown!

William has been watching Numbertime this week. After one programme ended, he turned to us and said "I know what two and two make - four!". We were very impressed, even more so when Samuel said he'd taught him that, but perhaps thought it was a one off. He proved us wrong, by then telling us the answers to a whole range of sums, using the numbers between 1 and 8. He even knew that three plus nought was three, and nought plus nought was nought! We were gobsmacked! It was even more ironic because I had only thought earlier on this week that it was about time that I started some formal maths work with him!

Joshua has enjoyed watching a whole range of programmes this week, discussing them and analysing them in depth with his Nan. Just of a few of them include Planet Earth, Coast, The Trees That Made Britain, Johnny Kingdom: A Year On Exmoor, and Mythbusters.

Its amazing to see just how much he takes in. He watched a programme on the Apollo conspiracy theory and came out with loads of stuff that he'd previously read/heard about, which he was able to tie in with the programme.

Our cars are fixed - some £400+ later - having had to replace the Kia battery and starter motor, and the Skoda's complete exhaust system! Now we need to service both of them, but at least they are up and running again.

I've unfortunately been in a lot of pain again over the past 30 hours, with some spotting, and so I've made an appointment to see the doctor on Monday. Can't manage to stand again for more than five minutes at a time - which means Roarke will have to do the shopping late night tonight after a 12 hr shift :0( - and I've been spending most of the day on the sofa. Hopefully, I'll get some reassurance on Monday....


Anonymous said...

hope all goes well at the doctors, ann.

love from fiona

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Thinking of you. Elle