Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Baby Talk

I woke up the other morning to find I had grown a huge bump overnight! Being overweight means that, as the uterus grows and pushes everything out of its way, there is an awful lot of "everything" to be pushed around! So now I look at if I'm 7 months, rather than 3!

I even had to wear my maternity trousers on Tuesday.

At least it is encouraging to think that something is growing..

My weight is actually going down, which is quite normal for me. With Samuel I lost weight at first, then only put on just under a stone, and was lighter after I'd had him than before I got pregnant. With William I actually weighed LESS at my last midwife's appointment than I had the week that I got pregnant!

That was all thanks to the Herbalife products that we'd "found" and started using, when I fell pregnant. It was quite bizarre - I started out a size 22, by 6 month pregnant I was wearing size 18 maternity, and by the end I was in size 16!

Whilst I would never recommend anyone diets in pregnancy - a definate non starter - I made the decision as I trusted the Herbalife products and the science and nutrition behind them. In all honesty, the pregnancy was my healthiest, I felt great, and I continued using the products whilst breastfeeding - and even used them in William's weaning! He's our healthiest, most energetic child, and I'm sure that it all contributed.

This time around, having put weight back on over the past 2 years (for a variety of reasons, including stopping being able to afford to take, or run the Herbalife business when Roarke was so ill for so long), I've started back on the products. So here's hoping!

Still feeling very tired, and suffering this awful disorientation - for someone who sets great store by clear and logical thinking, its very distressing!

The pains are easier, but it definately looks like the irritable uterus is here to stay. By 2 oclock each afternoon I start to be able to feel the spasms, and now (at 6.30pm) I have a solid, tense, very painful "lump". Its unbelievable how rigid it gets, and how I am able to feel it so clearly at this early stage. I can only guess that it must be affecting the muscles around it as well, and that I can also feel them.

Its a very weird sensation.

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Amanda said...

Glad all is well with the 'bump'.