Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The week so far

Met a new home educator this week, who was able to come along to our gathering at Monkey Bizz, which was great.

It nevers stops interesting me to hear the stories of the journey that has led someone to HE. So much experience, and some really sad stories at times. The commonality comes in that they all turn out to have a similar ending - and phrases like "its so good to see them smiling again" turn up in conversation!

This week our group has been looking into some "big picture" issues going on in the HE community this week - I'll post separately about them - and it was good to have a chance to debate things with other parents on Tuesday.

I've struggled again this week, so far, to get Samuel motivated. It hasn't helped that the pc has been off limits, and therefore the internet, as we've been making yet more furniture. Our "home office" in the corner is looking great - I took photos but now I can't find the lead to plug the camera into the pc! The only problem is the screen is now so far away (actually a correct distance for health and safety!) whereas before on our old desk it was less than a foot away. That means I'm struggling to see the screen - might have to change to large fonts!!

William came down with some viral infection a few days ago, and has had a high temperature and an awful headache. Poor kid looks so pale, he is genuinely as "white as a sheet".

Got to get my act together to make the Christmas cakes this week. I say cakes, as it is the tradition in our family that Roarke insists on eating the cake as soon as its made (when its meant to stand to improve!) so I end up having to make two just to make sure one gets as far as being iced! One year I ended up making 3!

Mum made the Christmas puddings today - a gluten free version of her own traditional recipe. As kids growing up, my brother and I used to get to stir the pudding mix and make a wish (or say a prayer, as I very righteously changed it, when I was a teenager!). Today when she offered me "a stir", all I could think of was the one wish - to have Dad here for Christmas :0(

Not a comfortable thought. Really, truly dreading how I'm going to make it through Christmas..


Anyway, off to play "offices" and populate my new (huge) desk with lots of essential looking stationery items (much to Roarke's amusement!). Can't wait to get the bedroom finished, as neither he nor I have done any work on our online businesses for over a week, and I'm very conscious of the delay and the time ticking away towards Christmas - not a good time to be out of action in business, especially not a home based one.

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Anonymous said...

y i am curious about these "online businesses" you have more than one ? ... which doesn't mean you have to tell me anything !

love, fiona