Friday, September 29, 2006

Busy, Busy, Lets Get Dizzy

Its been a busy week, what with the Aquarium and other visits out with HE friends.

William has completed a lot of work with his Nan, with his sticker learning books. She says that he is very good at making connections. Only this morning I had an example of this.

He came into the kitchen and said "rock and roll sound the same, don't they, because they both sound like rrrr?"

So I agreed, and took him off to find his letter card of "r" and "R".

Then he said "and plate and tshirt sound the same, don't they?"

Oh dear, I thought, it was just a fluke and he doesn't really "get it" after all. "No William, they don't. T shirt starts with "t" and plate with "p" - and off we went to the cards.

He was most insistent that they sounded the same. Finally, in his very best lets-talk-slow-for-the-sake-of-the-dumb-adult voice said "yes they do - plaTe and T shirt - one starts with 't' and one ends with 't' "

Moral of the story - never argue with a 4 year old, they are always right..

We had a great day today, out and about meeting up with other HEers in Bromley, and forging new friendships. I've been a bit odd though today - not sure why, maybe my sinusitus palying up (I've certainly had the headache). But I keep feeling dizzy, lightheaded, and very disorientated.

Classic example - I've just dried up the dinner things and carefully brought all the cutlery up to my bedroom. I have no idea why. I just did!

Maybe its just senility creeping in?

Good news - we've successfully registered with Tesco for their Sports for Schools/Clubs collection, so now its a case of collecting like mad. Feel free to contact me to send us your unwanted vouchers!

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