Wednesday, September 27, 2006

London Aquarium

Yesterday we had a fabulous day out to the London Aquarium.

We had 39 adults and children, from all across the south of England - Poole, Guildford, Hertfordshire, Dartford, Strood... amazing!

The youngest children was 1, the eldest (I think) was 12. We'd booked for the British Aquatic Life tour but we were the first HE group that the tour guide (Tom) had come across. He rose to the challenge admirably though and managed to engage all the children and adults equally as well.

The kids and adults all asked lots of questions - and he commented to me afterwards that it was so nice to have the kids interested and asking questions. He had a few horror stories about school parties "you wouldn't believe it" he said "oh yes we would!" I told him. At the end, Tom said that our children were "amazing" (we know!) and without doubt the best behaved he'd ever had.

We had lunch after the tour (well those of us who could drag our kids away for long enough...!) and then were free to wander around the aquarium.

The families that we went around with were all fascinated by the sharks and we spent, er, quite a long time looking at them (through the upstairs tank windows, then the downstairs, then upstairs.... you get the idea!). William was totally obsessed with the rays in the touch pool. He really didn't want to leave them and would have climbed in with them given even a tiny chance!

We made our way home, weary but very happy, with William falling asleep on my lap and looking very cute as even his brothers agreed.

We had just enough time to make dinner before going out again to Cell Group, getting back home at 8.20 in time for the boys to have supper then into bed.

A long, but successful day.

ps I forgot my camera - anyone who went, who has some pictures, can you send me some?!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a great trip! I know that we always seem to get comments when we go on home-ed trips about the kids being more cooperative or more engaged or more focused or whatever too; I think there has to be *something* to it!

stef_n_dawniy said...

I remember Lana being totally bewitched by the rays when we went to the sea life centre, she stood for ages stroking them and had to be bribed to leave them.
It sounds like a good time was had by all.