Friday, March 03, 2006

The week just got longer..

Unfortunately, my Dad's CT scan results show - as a provisional diagnosis - presence of lymphoma. On top of the ulcer, and the coeliacs, it's all a bit too much now to take in.

I feel torn in two - I want to be with Mum, and visiting Dad, all day every day. But I am also missing my boys, and my husband. On top of all that, keeping the HE group going is getting very tough, let alone my own business, and the house, and, and and...

This morning we all went out for a while as a family, including going to the library and the bookshop for the boys' £1 World Book Week book.

This afternoon, whilst I was visiting Dad, dh took the boys bowling with others in the HE group. They then visited another family, where the mum has not been well.

The boys are obviously enjoying their time with their Dad. I don't know about other mums with boys, but I can always tell when the "lads" have been together. S in particular always seem calmer when he can spend lots of time with his Dad. I thank God that something positive is coming out of this whole experience.

Of course, dh being off work is not helping the money. This was his long weekend anyway, when he has four days off in a row - but he usually works 3 of them. It means two very flat weeks of money. I am just bundling all the worries up and dumping them on my Heavenly Father - along with all my fears and my tears - because I can't handle them any other way.

Formal learning is taking a back seat at the moment. To be honest, by spending this time playing with Dad, the boys are not really asking too many questions about Grandad and therefore are not getting too affected/distressed over it, which is another blessing.

However, here's another site for you to keep you going: Oxfam's Cool Planet for teachers has loads of resources about global citizenship and is well worth spending some time searching through.

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