Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pottery Projects and Riverside Walks

This morning J and S settled down to work on their pottery project. We are visiting a local potter in a couple of weeks, where the children are going to have a 2 hr lesson and the chance to design a tile. Their project involves researching ideas and patterns, setting out what they hope to achieve with their design, and then drawing up 4 patterns to select from.

J took his inspiration from several books and came up with a complex picture, S drew a vibrant, colourful pattern using fireworks as his inspiration.

Dh managed to get onto a long-awaiting DIY job, by replacing our sink taps. For nearly 2 yrs we've only had a hot water tap in the upstairs bathroom sink. My parents kindly bought us a new set of taps a number of months back, and today he got them fitted.

I tried out a new recipe today for a gf loaf, and I was pretty pleased wtih the first attempt. At least it was edible, and actually quite enjoyable. S (no surprise here) decided to have the bread with jam for his lunch, rather than crispbreads - even though it meant waiting an hour after everyone had had their lunch!

In the afternoon, we went over to a park on the edge of the River Medway. The boys had fun, and we persuaded them to let us go for a walk along the riverside. Then the sun went it - and oh my word it was cold! It is due to go down to -4 here tonight but the wind chill was making it feel colder than that at 4pm by the side of the river!

At dinner time, I decided I couldn't cope wtih not visiting Dad. I knew he had visitors all day up till 5pm, and no one due after that. So I helped get dinner underway then drove up to see him (about 40/45 miles). He was so touched to see me, and so low in himself, that I was very glad I'd gone. I left him at around 7.30pm so that I could get back in time to put the boys to bed - which I'm off to do now.


Anonymous said...

I love reading about your projects. (((HUGS))) I will pray for your dad.


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I just wanted to share that my Dad is being treated for Lymphoma right now. Do you know which Lymphoma your Dad has? We can post back and forth, email or whatever you like if you want.

Laurie (British Columbia Mom form HSblogger)