Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Save our parliament

Class TV for the morning seems to have become a habit - which is great. This morning they watched Numbertime and Words and Pictures with W, then some Aztec history. This follows on to the BBC schools site on Two Cities, which I have asked J to work through.

S went onto the Numbertime site - whilst this is way below him (he is on year above his age on his workbooks) it seems to give him confidence, so I am happy with that.

After that, I looked at some projects ideas using the worksheets from Food Forum. Have a look - there is a great range.

Now, I don't often use this blog as a soap box, but today I came across this site concerning a little heard of Bill that is quietly passing through Parliament. If you have a social conscience, you may wish to read the site.

Whilst understanding that there are two sides (at least) to every story, and being mature enough to recognise the overall tone of the site, I think there is still enough "fire" to be causing this "smoke" and reason enough for responsible adults to be informed. It has also, it appears, been discussed in the UK broadsheets.

Dad is feeling quite positive today, having managed to eat 3 meals and actually enjoyed them in some small way - the first time he's enjoyed any food for some 6 months. The only thing that worries me is he is shutting out all thought of next week, when he needs to go back to hospital. But I guess that is only natural, and his way of dealing with it.

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