Thursday, March 16, 2006

Little Einstein

We had a nice day today. This morning the boys watched their Class TV, and then we went up to visit my Dad. We only stayed for a few hours (around lunch). It was good to see him looking more himself.

On the journey up we had some great topics covered in our chat - I find the boys are always open to listening on car journeys. We discussed a lot of issues around safe driving, covered countryside issues, charity work, and schools.

In the afternoon, the boys played games - lego basketball and tumbling monkeys.

It never ceases to amaze me the words that my not-quite 4 year old knows and understands. Two examples from today - he was building a spaceship out of chairs and his toy shopping basket in the kitchen. He was pretending to be a Little Einstein. I was sitting in the kitchen doing some sewing, and enjoying watching his game. When the "rocket ship" took off, my little lad said "hold onto your knitting Mummy, it's going to be a bumpy ride"! Good job he had his back to me so he didn't see me crying with silent laughter!

Second, equally cute example: after dinner, watching the Backyardigans, there was a character who was singing about how shy he was. W looked at me (with a little cute sob in his voice) and said "Mummy, he doesn't need to be shy, he needs to be happy. All he has to do is walk over to the other people". Aww! He's such an insightful little chap - really already living up to the prophecy we had over him when I was carrying him, which led to his name.

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