Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dad's home!

This morning I was very pleased to collect my Dad from the hospital. They have allowed him home, with an appointment being made for next Thursday to come back for his results.

I didn't have any yellow ribbon, so I tied yellow wool around his front door to welcome him home.

He was so overwhelmingly pleased to be home. He has had a bath (2 weeks without one in the hospital because of his drips etc - yuk), and managed to eat two small meals.

I spent the day up there, as Roarke had taken a day off to look after the boys.

This morning the boys took it in turns to read, whilst the other one worked on the computer. J carried on with his Typing practice. S went on line to read some Bible stories, reading about Lot and about Joshua.

They didn't make it onto the worksheets I'd left as I think Roarke got distracted... Bless him - he does realise how hard it is and how much effort I put into it (I'm very blessed with that understanding as I know sadly not all husbands appreciate their wives) but as I've said before, it doesn't hurt every now and again to underline the point!

He did some baking with our youngest, making some gf rice crispie cakes. I really must get our family online cookbook updated with our new gf recipes.

Our home education group has registered with the Sainsbury's schools Active Kids voucher scheme. I hope that we can at least get enough for some of the smaller items - I need to get on and promote it to everyone.

Educational link for the day: for older children, interested in science, try the JESEI website.

At the other end of the learning ladder, try EduPuppy.

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Anonymous said...

GREAT news! I have prayed for both your parents.

Steph (3feistykids)