Sunday, March 12, 2006

Recriminations, and inspiration

Where did all this washing come from?! Three loads this morning just to catch up.

Talking of catching up, I've put up some resources for next month on our website. I'm also trying to focus on some planning for the group. The yahoo group for organisers of local HE support groups is slowing growing, and I'm really hoping it will bring us all benefit.

Midday, we went up to Mum's again for lunch, then we took the boys in to see their Grandad. Sadly, he was in pain again today. He still hasn't seen the dietician, and he is still not receiving proper GF meals. With no guidance from either doctors nor the kitchen staff, the nurses and him are deciding on a case by case basis if something is "safe" for him. Judging by the pain he was in, I think their judgement is (understandably) off. Once again, we complained. The nursing staff are fabulous and are also distressed at their inability to help him. We provided them with "ammunition" to hit the doctors/kitchens with, courtesy of Coeliac UK.

Dad has lost more weight since being in hospital which is causing us all concern. It is so very upsetting to see how thin he is - I can circle his thigh with my hands. The nurses have offered Mum open visiting (rather than 2pm to 8pm) and access to their staff microwave, so that she can bring in meals for him. Whilst we all agree that this shouldn't be necessary, the priority is to feed him - the recriminations and arguments are secondary. But believe me, I am not going to let this go without a fight.

Fortunately, Dad managed to stay reasonably bright so that the boys weren't distressed, which was sweet of him.

Roarke is staying overnight with Mum, so I left to bring the boys home for tea, leaving him to take Mum home later.

I am conscious of the fact that this blog is not very educational focused at the moment - however that is the reality of home education, and it's strength. My boys are experiencing life at the moment in a very clear way. As I once read, "The knowledge of the world is only to be acquired in the world, and not in a closet."

I came across a lovely quote today - "It is in identifying yourself with the hopes, dreams, fears and longings of others that you may understand them and help them." (W.A. Peterson) I feel that, as a home educating Mum, that is exactly what I am doing: identifying with my lads so that I may understand them, and help them. Be inspired!

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Anonymous said...

Anne, it is a blessing that you are home educating as it frees you and your children up to visit your dear Dad during "school hours". Do you find it theraputic to blog about all that is going on?

Hang in there Mama.

Laurie (British Columbia)