Saturday, March 11, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Whilst we've been staying at my Mum's the boys have been watching more of the BBC Class TV. They've been enjoying it, and it has helped with their work.

They have also been playing on Sim City, and taking over their Nan's house with one of their complex games.

I popped out to Tescos to take back some unopened products that have gluten in them, and got some gf products for Mum's store cupboard.

We dropped Mum at the hospital on our way back home and arrived in snow in Chatham (which lasted all the time I was unloading the car, but stopped once I shut the front door!). The house was cold, and my inbox was full. It's taken me a good few hours to catch up with myself.

What has been nice is all the well wishes, phone messages and emails. I have been passing them all onto Dad and he has been very touched.

The boys behaviour has been noticable better, though it seems to deteriate quickly by the afternoon. That is what makes me connect it to their drinks. I've now got some orange and apple juice that doesn't come from concentrate, so we will see tomorrow if that makes a difference.

Useful site for today: Thanks to Shirley from SEEHEG for that one!

Overseas home educators may be interested in this issue facing the UK HE community: In March 2005 DfES issued draft guidelines for LEAs on home education, and started a limited consultation with home educators and LEAs on that draft. As the consultation was not a full consultation there are no DfES webpages on the consultation. As of March 2006 home educators have not been given any further opportunity to comment on the draft guidelines, which may have been delayed by the drafting of legislation for the revised Pupil Registration Regulations and the Schools and Inspections Bill 2006. To find out more, look at the HE Consult.Net website.

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