Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Winter Sickness

Well, that explains my lethargy yesterday evening..

Have you heard about the winter sickness bug that is raging in Britain at the moment? Well, it arrived here last night.

It appears that one catches it from being around someone else being ill, and it can then incubate for up to a week. I presume we must have caught it from my friend last week when their children were ill at our house.

Last night my youngest starting being sick at 12am and carried on every half an hour until 4. My eldest started at 1 and went on till 4.30. Needless to say, I got very little sleep.

Both myself and my husband are also feeling very rough and totally drained. He called in sick to work today and we have all just sat around. I have never, ever known our house to be with quiet!

J still managed to do some learning, going on to the Government's Red Box site in order to take his mind of his tummy (well that's one use for taxes!).

I managed to takes photos today of the stuff that my friend brought over last night to sell on eBay - now I just need to find the energy to write the listings!

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