Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Friends, and Old Friends

Not sure if it is where I am fighting off another cold, but I feel absolutely drained this evening. It's the first time, since my new year commitment to this blog, that I have really not wanted to sit and write.

However, discipline is most effective when it is such a conscious effort, so here I am!

This morning I caught up on some of the long overdue housework and general household/administrative phone calls that I'd been putting off for ages.

After lunch, we collected another family and then went to the indoor playcentre that our group meets at fortnightly. A new family had come along to join, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It's not just the children that benefit from meeting such a wide range of people through home education. As parents, we get the chance to make meaningful contact with other adults - something I never managed to do in the school playground.

We know that at the very least we all have something in common - a commitment to our children that means we have put their needs above our own in such a significant way. That makes a level playing field that enables families to meet across any social, religious or economic "divide".

The children all got on very well, and the family are definately a very positive addition to the group.

At home I tried to catch up on some background work for the group, organising and planning future events. That made me late in getting around to dinner, so out with the fish fingers!

In the evening, my best friend came around with some items that we are hoping to sell together on eBay. We met through work a year and a half ago and I have clicked with J in a way that I have never done with another woman. It was an all too brief meeting, but we are due to meet for lunch on Thursday which I am seriously looking forward to (I'll be without the children too!).

Have just picked dh up from the station - the boys get to stay up to see him which is nice but means we are now all very late and very tired.

I don't think this has been my most useful blog to date - maybe I should have given in to the temptation to just go to bed! Thanks for reading!

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