Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wind Devils and Dust Giants

This morning we went to the Farmers Market in Rochester. We like the chance to support our local farmers and to buy their produce. Since dh became a vegetarian we've not gone so often, as it was the meat produce that we particularly went for. However, today we came across a fabulous stall from Villager's Sausages. Their sausages are gluten free, and therefore were a very welcome find. They worked out cheaper than buying "gluten free" sausages from the supermarket or online. Do have a look at their website (if you are in the UK) as they have won many awards for their sausages and online ordering facility.

The boys were given the choice of a fresh, farm sausage from the snack wagon (£1.50) in a roll, or a McDonalds. I won't tell you which one they chose, suffice to say it wasn't the choice I'd hoped for!

It was nice to be able to offer them the treat though, thanks to the overtime dh managed last week.

In the afternoon we had some visitors. Have you heard it said that windy weather makes children misbehave? I know when my Mum used to help in our infants school twenty years ago, it used to be said a lot by the teachers. I am not superstitious so I don't believe in it - but there does seem to be some connection. I'm sure there must be a scientific explanation. Anyway, the point is all three boys have been quite tempersome today.

You know how it goes - one starts, they upset the other one, they argue, then that affects the mood of the third, then I get stressed, then all three argue, then I lose my patience (ok, that should truthfully said lose my temper), and it all goes downhill from there.

It has addled my brain today! I've just tried tidying up, and put all the duplo in the toy food box, and the toy food in the duplo box. On top of which, I've just made the mistake of moving one of the sofa cushions. Where does all that stuff come from? It's only been a week since I last hovered behind them yet they seem to contain enough food to feed a family for a month (raisins being the main culprits), enough lego pieces to build a house, and as for the dust - forget dust bunnies, these were more like dust giants. Yuk!

On top of all of that, W is having an attack of the Mummys. You know "Mummy, why...", "Mummy, can I...", "Mummy, where is..." until I feel like I want to scream or at least change my name.

[deep breath in, and out]

Today we had a new member join our support group, which was great. Each family brings another dimension to it, bringing new viewpoints and new experiences that make us all richer by their sharing. I get excited by the possibilities.

Talking of getting excited by possibilities, do you ever find you are more excited by home education than the children? I see so much potential, seeing learning in everything, that I get very excited. Some days the children share that excitement. Then there are the days when they don't. In fact, in my experience, one tends to get a run of days together when they are either on fire for learning, or totally cold to it.

The beauty, of course, of home education - certainly autonomous - is that I can let those natural rhythms through and not fight against them.

Now, if only being a Mum was autonomous...

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Anonymous said...

I can relate to everything in your post, from the "Attack of the Mummys" (Love that one!) to feeling you're more excited about home ed than the kids. :-)