Monday, February 20, 2006

A Pot Pourri of Smells

This morning the boys settled down for some "formal" learning, which was the first for some time. J worked on his English, using the BBC 10 Minute Top Ups, at the table. S did his online via the BBC site.

The boys know that they are learning all the time with home education. We debate, ask questions, look up answers, and generally try to explain and investigate everything. They spend time watching documentaries, or reading non-fiction books on various topics from the library, as well as the time they spend on their general reading.

On top of that, however, I try to encourage them to also do some "formal" learning every day. The way I describe it to them is to distinguish it as a time when they chose to concentrate on some learning, when it is a conscious act of their will to sit down and learn something. They know that two hours a day would be what Mum considered best, but it is not set in stone. Most days J averages an hour, and S about half an hour.

At lunch dh managed to burn one of my saucepans - leaving rice on the boil instead of turning it down. I asked on one of the email lists for suggestions to clean the pan. However, being one of those days, I didn't have any biological washing powder, didn't have any white vinegar, so I resorted to bicarb. That cleaned half of it, then I dumped a pint of white wine vinegar in the saucepan and boiled it. The pan is now 95% clean - but my house smelt like a chip shop. One step up from the smell of burnt saucepan. I lit an incense stick to clean the smell only for W to ask "NOW what is smelling Mummy?" The pot pourri of smells in the house now is quite astounding.

This afternoon we had L over with her two young ones. B played nicely with the boys, and H pottered around watching everything. The boys were slightly better than yesterday, however things soon built up. Someone recently described it as being like an emotional pressure cooker. With S as an Aspie things build up and up until it needs to blow. Once he gets it out of his system, he is fine again. As he was trying to behave though, and wishing to get back to playing with his friends, he never really calmed down on the "time outs" that he had. The pressure is still simmering but he did settle down nicely at dinner which made a change.

Tomorrow is our regular fortnightly meeting at the indoor play park. We have two new members coming along, with 4 children between them, so I am looking forward to it.

I'd really appreciate prayers for my sister-in-law who is due to be induced with her first baby this week. She has a heart condition so there is an extra care being taken with the birth. This is my brother's first child (he is older than I, the same age as my DH and I'm the same age as his wife!) and I pray that this awesome moment is trouble free, and that they have the chance to enjoy it all.

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lvg4him said...

It is good to see you doing well.

I read the you recently went to McDonald's. It has been long known that McD's has gluten in their fries (I am not sure what you got or how GF you are). There is a recent article that talks about how there are now three families suing McD's because they lied saying they fries were GF. It turns out that McD's fries also contain milk (which has casien).