Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New friends, Harry Potter and Trains

Today's meeting at the play park was great! The three 12 year old girls all hit it off together and seemed to have a great time. The new young family were very friendly, and the lady had an adorable baby who was passed around for cuddles amongst some broody mums.

I found a great online shop that makes their own ready meals and snack products that are all gluten, wheat and dairy free. If you are in the UK, have a look at Coeliac Sensations.

The boys both did some more english work today - again, S went online and J used his BBC 10 Minute Top Ups book.

J then spent some time on some other worksheets. If you, like me, have a child into Harry Potter, then have a look at A to Z Teacher Stuff. Also, Newsword have two great pdfs full of Harry Potter worksheets - these are the direct links for the one on the Philosophers Stone, and the Chamber of Secrets. Or, for a train buff like my S, we found the Children's Museum of Indinapolis has some great train pages.

In the evening we had friends round, which was a pleasant way to end the day.

Forgive me the short post today - I'm feeling very tired this evening and cannot really think of anything other than my bed!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a good night's rest! The play date sounds wonderful.