Saturday, February 18, 2006

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

It's been one of those days today that somehow has left me feeling dissatisfied, without really knowing why.

This morning we went to Rochester in order to collect some goodies to send back with our Flat Travellers. We stopped off at the Vistors Centre for a drink.

As dh is on lates for the next few days, we are making a concerted effort for him to go on his anti-candida diet. I ate lunch with him - a large bowl of brown rice with shredded raw greens stirred through it. Yum (not!) It might not have tasted so bad if I'd had some nice meat and gravy with it...

After lunch, the boys sat down to make a birthday card for their Grandad, so that dh could drop it off on his way to work.

J did some more typing practice today, but to be honest, both J and S have resisted any attempts on my part to engaged them in any learning.

At least they haven't been in front of the television - not owning any Pokemons has not stopped them creating an elaborate Pokemon game. It has now taken over the hall, the stairs, the upstairs landing and S and W's bedroom. Standing in for Pokemon are every figure that they own. At last - a use for all those McDonald's toys! We have Winnie the Pooh figures, Lilo and Stitch characters, Power Rangers, teddy bears, Boo, Incredibles, Monsters Inc.. It's a fantastically imaginative game, even if I do have to keep stepping in to mediate between them all.

I think J is struggling now W is old enough to have his own ideas on how the games should go. Now he has to cope with two other people getting in the way of how he wants the game to go. It's not that he is bossy, or unfair, but he visualises these games so clearly and so intently that he struggles when his brothers spoil the image that he has.

What's the weather like where you are today? We've got rain. I know everyone thinks it rains all the time in the UK but at the moment, we are are in a drought here in the south east of England - we still have a ban on using hosepipes. We need the rain, however dreary it makes it. By the way, the Met Office have some great educational resources - worth a look if you haven't already.

I am definately in need of some quiet time this evening. Perhaps I can negotiate with the boys to get them to go to bed early? We went to the library today so I have some good books to look forward to reading.

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Anonymous said...

I've just visited your old blog to find you've moved!
Just to reply to a comment you left for me about Yorkshire Pudding - I don't know if it would work with gluten-free flour but I think it would be worth a try. I use el-cheapo flour which seems to be just the opposite of a bread-making flour, but the pudding still rises. The key is to have the pan and the fat seriously hot (let it heat in the oven then keep warm on a heated stove top while pouring the batter in, and straight back into the oven - no room for cooling). It only needs to be at 180C, not smoking, but if it cools at all it doesn't rise as well. I think it also helps to start with the ingredients at room temperature.
Give it a try - after all if it doesn't rise you can always introduce the family to a new sort of pancake ;-)
I've bookmarked your new blog so I can call in again - I hadn't heard of 'Pearls' so it's a heads-up for me - I'll look into it.
BTW I love your coment that J & s are resisting atempts to engage them in learning - lol! So I'm not the only one!
And WRT Met Office - I'm having fun with the BBC/Oxford Uni climate change predictor too.
Alice (