Monday, February 13, 2006

Sprouts and valentines

I continue to be grateful for all your prayers, as I am definately recovered. Whilst I feel as wrung out as a dish cloth, my aches and pains have all gone.

This morning S went out with his (one) friend that he had from his school days. His mum and friend took them to a play park, had lunch, then called in for a cup of tea when they dropped S home. Sadly, his friend is being bullied at school too and is not very happy.

Whilst they were out, I took J & W to the library, then out for a drink at a cafe as a treat. We then went to get some fresh vegetables. I'd discussed moving to a more raw-based diet with J over his drink. I was very proud of him at lunch - in light of what we had discussed, he had a plate of crudites (with branston pickle!) and some rice cakes.

My first attempts at home sprouting were ready today - they are a bit on the short side (lack of warmth I think), but they certainly tasted ok.

J spent more time today on the Brain Pop site which he is really enjoying - I'd really recommend looking at it if you haven't already.

I also found a nice site for younger children looking into healthy eating which is worth looking at.

This evening, as dh is off work (but will be working tomorrow, 14th), I gave dh the card that I had made him for valentines. I felt a bit goofy giving him a homemade card, but he seemed to appreciate it.

We have never bought each other birthday or Christmas presents, but we have always gone out for a meal or a day on Valentines, and on our wedding anniversary (which somewhat sadly is 9/11). I guess to us marking our union is so much more meaningful to us than another year in age. As Christians, also, we don't find giving each other presents a reflection on how we feel about Christmas. It grieves both of us that this year we cannot afford to go out for a meal - the first time in 12 years.

Still, the boys are ready for bed sharp, and we have waited to have our dinner when they go up in a short while. We have a saved-bottle of wine in the fridge, and we will still celebrate our relationship together, and thank God for the blessing that our marriage is to us.

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