Sunday, February 12, 2006

On the mend

This morning dh went to a new church to "try out" the service. We've been out of regular fellowship for nearly a year and are in real need of it. The church he went to are trying out a new format, with a separate meeting for the youth of the church.

We planned to return in the afternoon for that service, but he got called into work. It was a tough call - on the one hand, what could be more important that getting along to the church. On the other hand, with our finances, the honourable thing to do is to pay our bills and to work a rest day made up for being off sick twice last week.

The boys worked well today. I had emailed them each a link to a learning website and, when they checked their emails this morning, they clicked on the links and each spent half and hour on the sites. The idea worked so well that I may make it a regular thing. J learnt about the history of Valentines, and S learnt some natural history. Later, J also went on a fabulous science site given to me via the Education Otherwise list.

Up until mid afternoon I still felt very ill. However, dh kindly prepared dinner before he left for work so I ate with the boys. So far, I feel ok - that's the first food to stay down for 48 hrs so hopefully I am on the mend.

This evening I joined some new groups, kindly recommended by lvg4him in connection with CF/GF and raw diets. I also started work putting together the journals to return with our Flat visitors. Unfortunately, because we have been ill we have not done as much as I had hoped so perhaps their owners will let us keep them longer. In the meantime, I'm racking my brains for something to send back with them (other than leaflets etc). As they are going from the UK to the US, my original intention to send some chalk from the North Downs seems a bit unwise - I can see customs worrying about the white powder in the envelopes...

I must just thank all of you who have extended the hand of friendship to me, via this blog, and for the prayers (known and unknown) for my family. I am truly touched and blessed by your support. Thank you for also tolerating my moans and whinging over the past week - I don't think the blog has made interesting reading so your patience is appreciated!

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