Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Art and stuff

I have continued to feel better today, which is great. I'm currently working on updating the recipes on our family site (as per J's request!) - I'll let you know when it's finished.

W is determined to be a big boy like his brothers. He wants to get dressed unaided, doesn't want a "baby" (melamine) plate and bowl anymore, but a "big boy" one (china) like his brothers. He also has asked for full sized cutlery instead of the toddler set he was still using. My little baby has grown up.

J came down today from his room asking if I had any books on art. He is looking for inspiration (his words) and thought that if he learnt more about art and famous artists, it may inspire him. He searched through all his encyclopedias, including the one on his computer, looking for reference to art. I also gave him some sites to look at online - the Tate and Sanford Art Adventures being particularly interesting for him.

W spent ages on some colouring, copying his eldest brother by designing a map. He has an amazing imagination, and always regales us of a morning with details of the dreams he had the night before.

It is a good job we had our valentines meal last night - poor dh came home with an awful headache and is going to bed now, with the boys. Yesterday we had taken a self-test for Candida, and it does indeed look like he is suffering with it. It certainly ties in with his symptoms. (click on this link then scroll down to look for the words "Simple Home Candida Test")

Tomorrow, S is out most of the day with his old school friend, and J has his friend over here. I guess W and I will be playing together then!

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