Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I hope that at least some of my readers will have followed me across to this new site.

Unfortunately, I chose to move from my previous host due to serious disagreements with them over their connections to a ministry that I am totally opposed to. Integrity is something that I value most highly and I felt that to continue using their blog facilities would compromise the message that I wanted to send about my own feelings on the matter.

My old blog (if they haven't deleted it..) could be found at The service was set up by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. It's a shame, as I loved the blog, the templates, and had built up some lovely friendships via the site.

Still, using the link to that blog in my signature on literally hundreds of emails a day that I send, was definately sending out the wrong message to friends, family and the home education community within the UK (Christian or otherwise).

For those of you new to me - I hope you enjoy my ramblings over the coming months.

[UPDATE: December 2006: I'm taking the time to copy over all my old posts from the old site, so you can now go back December 2005 all on this site. Enjoy!]


lvg4him said...

I am curious what organization they are associated with. I am sorry to see you leave and might not be able to check back in as much (as the RSS feed link for doesn't work with my email program, but HSB's RSS feed does). Maybe there is some sort of email list you can have to update people (add me!) when you update your blog. =^) Also, have you emailed TOS and asked them if they knew that the organization they are supporting (or whatever the situation is) is doing _____ ?? They might not know. In any ways, you also deserve an explaination for why they would associate with this company. I hope you don't change what ou write about! =^) I have enjoyed your blog on HSB and look forward to reading more of the same here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,I was wondering the same thing sinceI am choosing to affiliate myself through them as a Provincial rep, the one where you shared the thrifty tips.(not because Iwant to defend them neccesarily) I just want to make sure it isn't something that sets off alarms for me too.Do you mind sharing?

Sorry to see you go, but I aunderstand tha tyou have to follow your convictions.


Anonymous said...

I like your new web log. :-) I am glad you had a good day.