Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hubby is home!

My parents visited today. They used to come weekly to help out with the children and/or the chores however, since my father has been ill, they have not been down. Today they visited for the first time in many weeks. Sadly, Mum was also unwell today. She has a recurring problem with her leg that is undiagnosed. Its a cross between phlebitis and an allergic reaction. Very nasty.

So I didn't quite get done today what I had hoped. Still, the duplicate Certificate for the Insurance turned up so the car is now taxed and back on the road!

I also got to go the library with my eldest, which was very pleasant. On the way, we discussed the psychology of shopping - prompted by the revamping of our local Sainsbury's branch. At the library, we took out some books on America. We now have two Flat Travellers staying with us, both from the US, so J suggested that he should find out more about the country as "all I know is from the cartoons".

S actually did more learning today that his brother, and achieved his daily target allowing him to spend time on some computer games (his beloved virtual railroad). I put out an appeal yesterday on the Home Educating Special Needs list for a penpal for the lad, and was touched by the large number of replies. He now has a number of new pals to email which has cheered him up immensely.

My husband is home! Hurray! I picked him up from the station just after seven this evening. It is so good to have him back. Through the years, we have spent so little time apart. In fact, for more than half of the time we have been married we have worked together as well. People often ask us how we can spend so much time together without driving each other mad. I'm afraid I've never really understood the question!

I can't imagine life without him. God brought us together in a very amazing way, and has blessed us mightily. He is the perfect match for me, the missing piece, and more than a soulmate. In these days of divorce, "partnerships", and other less than perfect relationships, I feel so very honoured to have been blessed with such a man.

Yes, we have our ups and downs, and we argue at times, but he is such a God-focussed, called person that I never doubt the security and purpose of our marriage.

I'm so glad he's back (can you tell?!).

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