Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fighting ignorance

Our local government newspaper included a very offensive piece on truancy this week, which made no mention of the fact that children may legitamately be out of school through home education. It has the local home ed community up in arms and a large number of people have complained to a large number of official places. I hope that we see some results from it.

As a new member of our group said today "now I know what it feels like to be a minority!". It really is unfair that our Government does not, at any level, treat home education as equal to formal schooling. The public - and most officials - remain unbelievably ill-informed about the legally available option of education "otherwise".

I'm a soap-box kinda person and I'm afraid things like this do rather get me steamed up. I don't know what the situation is like in the US or elsewhere in the world?

Anyway, during the day today we had visitors, being joined by another home ed family for most of the day. It was pleasant to have them around and certainly helped the boys. They also had two other visitors in the afternoon, when two home ed friends popped in with a belated gift for S. The older boys all had a great hour playing star wars!

Today J and S played a couple of games of chess, then went on line to do some learning. The BBC has a great new site for kids which J spent a lot of time on.

I came across a nice, free paper Valentine project today, which I think I may try. I also updated the Resource section of our website with learning project ideas ready for March.

Yesterday I came across a new blog, one by BritishColumbia. If you have time, check it out as she is asking for frugal tips for homeschooling - I think it's fabulous idea!

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