Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Truly I am blessed

This morning we went to visit my Mum in Orpington. We took our Flat Dora & Boots with us and took some photos of their visit.

On the journey there, we were listening to a local radio station which had a competition running with a cash prize. Towards the end of the journey S asked his brother why he was so quiet. J said "I was thinking about what I'd do with the money if I won the competition. I thought I'd share it amongst the family, keep some for myself, give some to my friends and with the rest that was left over I'd give it to charity. I mean, to keep it all would be selfish and that something I NEVER want to be".

Aren't these just those precious moments, when you feel so blessed to be a Mum, and to be part of the incredible journey of another human being? I blinked back the tears as I silently thanked God for my beautiful children, and for the way in which He is bringing them on in their relationship with Him.

Whilst I was at my Mum's, I took the opportunity to clean the inside of the car which was still slightly smelly after yesterday. Any suggestions for the best way to get rid of the smell?!

I'd taken some work up with us and the boys settled down to half an hour "at the table". J did english language work - meanings of words, work on pararaphs (can't remember where I got that one from), and S did some comprehension. They then both did some German vocabulary worksheets from Enchanted Learning. They then watched a learning DVD from British Telecom all about communication. They got really involved, and "got" the message of the DVD. Now all we all need to do is apply it to our family - turn taking, in conversation, has become quite a weak point amongst the five of us.

Dh turned up in time to sit down to lunch with us all. He spent an hour and a half with us before going back for the second half of his shift.

When we got home, the three boys built a lovely Duplo house for Flat Dora & Boots, complete with bed, table and chairs, a garden, a playground and a statue!

A friend had very kindly left me a little gift on the doorstep, to cheer me up, and I shall be enjoying it once the children are in bed (yes, it's food!). Another thing to thank God for - the blessings of friendship.

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