Monday, January 30, 2006

One of those days...

I think every mum will identify with my friend, today. We'd arranged to take our children - B (3) and H (nearly 2) plus my three lads - to the park. Despite the grey, cold weather, we packed up determined this morning.

Less than half a mile away from the country park B was spectacularly sick in the car. We pulled over, on a narrow high street, and the poor girl was stripped down, changed and cleaning on the pavement. We headed back to my house to bundle the clothes into the washing machine. B recovered - as kids do - quickly and the five of them played. Well, my little lad didn't exactly play as he spent most of the time whining that no one would play with him!

After lunch, we felt the need to try again as my lads in particular had a lot of stored up energy. We decided to go to the park near to me - just a basic playground - and, again, the children all had fun. Until poor H decided to be equally sick all over his poor mum! Back to the car, another clean up, and this time I took them all back home.

Ah, the heady days of parenthood!

Today we received our first flat traveller, with Flat Dora & Boots arriving from Indianapolis. Typically, my camera is out of batteries (to be precise, the batteries are out of my camera, and in J's science experiment kit) and equally typically my corner shop had sold out. So, tomorrow's priority is to buy batteries so that I can record Dora & Boot's week with us.

We also made a new set of penpals today, receiving an approach from a French home educating family to help their eldest children with their english. J is now going to penpal one of them, also hoping to improve his french. I hope that we will be able to converse with the parents too, and help myself and dh improve our french.

Tomorrow our car tax expires and dh had not yet put the paperwork together. With a sense of inevitable doom hanging over my head, I searched out the three pieces of paper required. I am missing one.

The envelope that should contain them all is missing the insurance certificate. I have the covering letter that came with it - but for some inexplicable reason the certificate is not in there. I searched two filing cabinets, and various mountains of paper lying around the house. No certificate.

So, tomorrow I will be able to travel to my mother's so that we can see my husband in the afternoon, but after that the car is off the road until a replacement certificate arrives in the post.

Ever had one of those days?!

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